Free lessons in Spanish for your holiday in Calahonda  

Free lessons in Spanish for your holiday in Calahonda
As you've seen by the lesson, Visual Link™ uses animated pictures related to each word. This is done for a reason. Science has proven that animated pictures associated with words will engrave the knowledge in our long term memory, at an increased speed. Animated moving pictures is unique to Visual Link™.
With approximately 30 minutes of study per day, you will become conversational in 30 days

The Visual Link Spanish Course is unlike any other Spanish course you've seen. The goal of this course is
to make you conversational in Spanish quickly.

Learn how sentences are formed, then practice putting them together and you will become conversational in Spanish faster than you ever thought possible.
Speak Spanish in just 30 days
A few words of Spanish will enhance your holiday in Spain
30 days - 30 minutes a day studying this course and you will be able to converse with the locals your holiday will then be enhanced many times over
UK £85 (approx)
1 Interactive CD-ROM - 1 Pronunciation CD-ROM
10 Audio CDs - 1 Conversational Manual
1 Carrying Case
(Windows and Mac compatible)
An unparalleled method for learning Spanish from the U.S. Institute of Languages   The course is now used in 130 different countries
Usual Price US$199.99
US$ 134.99
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In this part of Spain speaking a little Spanish will get you a long way. The local Andalucian folk are a hospitable lot and will make you feel very much at home.
If you have a few words of Spanish under your belt when you come to Calahonda or Riviera del Sol you will enjoy a much better insight into the local ways and customs.

Over the years we have watched our visitors struggling with phrase books and dictionaries to get around. Last year we decided to search for a better way and discovered the most amazing Spanish course from the Institute of Languages in the USA.
The claims we thought were not believable to begin with but on trying the course for ourselves were amazed. The institute claims to get you up to conversational speed within 30 days if you give half an hour per day to study.
We tried it and some of our family tried it and it really works. We contacted the Institute and this page is the result. Try the free lesson and see if you agree with us - if you owuld then like to have the full course there are links at the bottom of this page.
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